Orange Juice Concentrate
Orange Juice Concentrate Orange juice is one of the most beloved, popular, tasty and nutritious juices, with invaluable nutritional value, given its rich content of vitamins, macronutrients and antioxidant actions.

Our company collects its fruit from carefully selected crops of the Argolid plain, high quality oranges, controlling all stages of their production, harvesting and juicing and markets top quality natural concentrated orange juice in the domestic and European markets, exporting to Europe’s major industries.

A glass of fresh orange juice is ideal for breakfast, providing the body with the necessary energy it needs throughout the day, it is the most potent stimulant and it can be the ideal supplement for small or main meals. It is also universally considered the best dietary means of preventing disease at all ages because it provides wellbeing and nutritional balance.

The orange juice concentrate is kept in cooling chambers, in special storage containers that meet strict safety rules and standards. It is transferred to the client freshly prepared with a richly unique flavor and all its dietary nutrients intact.
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