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Industry Argolis Fruit Juices activates in the concentrate of citrus fruits with accent in orange juice.
Its installations are found in Skafidaki Argolis in the centre of the Argolic fields.
New installations, modern lines of production and people who know about juices, help the company to be continuously developed and the products which are produced to be the best of the market.
The citrus fruits, fresh after the harvest, are transported in the installations of our factory.
The fruit is transported with hot current of water and at the same time, it is washed in ribbons of sorting, where the abstraction of the inadequate fruits takes place. After we receive the ethereal oils from the exterior surface of the fruit, we then receive the juice. The juice is extracted from the non dissolved mainlands (PULP), is pasteurized, warmed in firm temperature for certain time and is concentrated. The concentrate juice is frozen and then it is transported in cooling champers where it is stored in stainless tanks.
The juices are offered in most excellent and constant quality in metal containers-barrels of 250 kg.
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